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Ongoing and last finalized projects of Regional enterprise support center Skopje are:

  • SME Innovation Capacity Boost
    The project, which started on 1 August 2017 and will last 24 months or until 31 July 2019, is part of the INTERREG Transnational Programme "Balkan-Mediterranean 2014-2020". It is a regional project involving statistical institutes and non-governmental organisations from the countries of the region: the Republic of Macedonia, Bulgaria, Albania, Greece and Cyprus. 
    The objective of this Project is to boost the transnational innovation capacity of small and medium-sized enterprises, and to support them to form sustainable networks and innovative clusters with other small and medium-sized enterprises from the Balkan-Mediterranean region in order to exchange knowledge and develop innovation through finding partners and providing small and medium enterprises with relevant data, tools and systems.
  • Provision of self-reliance assistance and community assistance-project funded by UNHCR (more info)
  • SelfEmployment - collaboration with APERM (more info)
  • Preventing child marriage through economic independence - project financed by European Union (more info)
  • TESLA - Towards european policies & best practices for supporting local governance multilevel application - project financed by European Commision ЕАСЕА (more info)


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TESLA Network

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